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What is Athens?

Athens is an access management system used by the UK Higher Education community to provide access to online resources. Further information about Athens can be found on the Athens web site.

What is a Personal Athens Account?

A personal Athens account provides student with a unique username and password to allow access to online resources from wherever they have chosen to study. Whenever you use your personal Athens account you must ensure that you comply with the Code of Conduct.

How do I register for a Personal Athens Account?

You can request a personal username and password from the Online Library

How do I login with my Athens account?

All the resources you can access are listed in the databases page. Click on the name of the database you wish to use and you will be taken to the Athens login page where you can login with your Athens username and passowrd.

Where can I get help using Athens?

A list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions has been provided to help you use Athens. If the answer that you require is not listed, please send your enquiry to our enquiries service.

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